Bulldozer used in Edison’s India Independence Day Parade seen as Islamophobic

There are calls for an apology from the Indian Business Association over a symbol some say is Islamophobic.
A bulldozer was seen at the India Independence Day Parade in Edison two weeks ago. It was decorated with images of the Indian prime minister and another leader and was used in the parade.
Some say that the bulldozer symbolizes the demolition of Muslim homes in India.
“As someone that is Muslim, I find this terrorizing and harassing and so does the Muslim community across New Jersey,” says Azra Baig, of South Brunswick. “What's happening in India with bulldozers - people's homes, people's businesses are being bulldozed. People are being killed just because of their faith.”
The Edison Town Council says that it will look into the situation.
“Bringing international politics to the downtown streets of Edison, on Oak Tree Road, is just wrong. It’s just dead wrong,” says Edison Council President Joseph Coyle. “We will look into this. I'll ask my colleagues and the mayor to look at the permit process of parades and see where we can put restrictions.”
News 12 has reached out to the Indian Business Association for comment but did not hear back.