Bronx students tackle international issues through summer program

A group of New York City students got the opportunity to take on international issues as part of a summer program that challenges their way of thinking.
Twenty-six students took part in the three-week Global Kids summer program in Manhattan. The purpose is to expose the students to critical international issues.
"What I focused on was terrorism, redefining terrorism. It's not just a foreign thing, that it can be international and globally as well," says student Haimy Huynh, of Bronxdale High School in the Bronx.
Tough topics were covered through workshops and demonstrations, and students say they're glad to have had the experience.
"My mindset changed a lot. I feel like when I enter my next year for school I want to do a little more than just talking. I actually want to speak out about what's really going on around the world," says Huynh.
Although the program ended on Friday, the students have an opportunity to present how they would tackle their chosen international issue in mid-November.