Bridgeport Art Trail celebrates opening weekend

The Bridgeport Art Trail is back this weekend with a variety of events and exhibits.
The Metro Art Studios was formerly owned by a corset company, the first incarnation in the 1890s.

About three dozen artists are featured inside the gallery called "Books on the Verge" which features sculptures made from books.
The sculptures are almost not recognizable as books at all, but they are full of color, shape, and form and very three-dimensional, organizers say. 
Berlinetta Brewing is a beer brewery featured on the trail where brewers specialize in traditional beer styles with a focus on a Czech and Pilsner styles.  
A permanent, and iconic piece of Bridgeport art will be featured at the brewery.
The painted piece is based on Cliff Clavin from "Cheers" who is portrayed by Bridgeport's own John Ratzenberger.