Boonton divided about what types of flags should be able to be flown outside Town Hall

The controversy stems from whether or not to fly a Pride flag outside Boonton Town Hall.

Kimberly Bukowiec

Apr 2, 2024, 2:26 AM

Updated 18 days ago


A controversy was sparked by conflicting opinions about the flags that should and should not be raised outside of Boonton Town Hall.
As it stands, the only two flags that fly on town hall property are the American Flag and POW Flag. The majority of the Boonton Council voted in favor of raising the Pride flag after a local organization put the idea into motion. Now, over six months later - it is at a standstill.
"It complies with the ordinance we were told by the town administrator and it just sat there and we didn't know what was going on until another council member put in to revamp the ordinance," said Linda Hogoboom, of Boonton Rainbow Pride.
There were mixed perspectives at Monday night’s Town Hall, including a few veterans who are lifelong Boonton residents.
"We feel there should be one flag for the country, for everyone. If you put a different flag up there what's to prevent other people from flying their flag up there?" said Tony Scozzafava, a veteran and lifelong resident of Boonton.
There was chatter about having a separate flag post to display expression flags, but that was not celebrated by either side. The other option was to fly a variety of flags at nearby Grace Lord Park, the venue where the Boonton Rainbow Pride event is held each year.
"If could just meet in the middle instead of just saying no there's no place for color in the community we're not going to represent people," said Council member Jacob Hettrich.
"It just creates a false narrative that this is somehow veterans versus pride, which is not what this is," said Hogboom.
The town will leave this up for a vote on April 15.

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