Boil water advisory lifted in Whiting section of Manchester Township following issue at treatment center

A boil water advisory was lifted Friday after a problem with a water treatment facility impacted tens of thousands of customers in a section of Manchester Township.
The problem at the Western Treatment Center was discovered Wednesday evening. The Whiting section of Manchester Township was under a boil water advisory until just after 11 a.m.
The areas affected included the Crestwood Villages, home to around 30,000 senior citizens.
The problem concerned the disinfection of the water. Low chlorine levels were briefly discovered.
Al Yodakis, Manchester Township director of Public Works and Utilities, said the issue was fixed in just a couple hours. However, the Department of Environmental Protection wanted lab samples of the water before the boil advisory could be lifted.
"We wanted that caution. Everybody seems to be on a heightened concern right now with COVID and there's a lot of fear that's out there. So, it was good. We apologize to our residents. It was an inconvenience, but the water has been OK since, really, Tuesday afternoon. It was just, again, we need to go through all the steps," Yodakis explained.