Bogota man wins fight to pass law for missing wife

A Bogota man, whose wife disappeared, finally won his fight Tuesday for better laws to help families of missing persons.
Jim Viola says his wife, Patricia, vanished from their neighborhood nearly seven years ago on Feb. 13, 2001. For the past two years, Viola has been pushing to change New Jersey laws about missing persons cases.
The new law, in Patricia?s name, is now on the books.
?They went right to the vote and then, showed the vote, 80 to 0,? Viola says. ?I was, just blown away ? so, so happy.?
Patricia?s Law requires missing persons reports to be filed immediately. It also states that after 30 days, DNA samples will be taken from family members to compare with those from unidentified persons around the country.
Meanwhile, Viola says he has no plans to give up his search for his wife.
?In Pat?s case, she has epilepsy and we have no evidence that something bad happened to her, so she could be out there somewhere,? Viola says.
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