Bloomfield police set up DWI checkpoint for Thanksgiving eve

Thanksgiving is known as one of the busiest travel days of the year. But it is also associated with DWI arrests and accidents.
The Bloomfield Police Department has set up a DWI checkpoint along Bloomfield Avenue. The area has had an issue with drunk driving in the past and police are trying to change that.
The night before Thanksgiving has long been seen as a night for friends and family to reunite. But often people drink too much and then attempt to drive home.
New Jersey State Police report that last Thanksgiving there were six deadly crashes in New Jersey. Drugs and alcohol played a part in three of those crashes.
These checkpoints are especially important this year because more people will be traveling as opposed to last year when the COVID-19 pandemic kept many people at home.
State police say that there will be an additional 96 state troopers working over the holiday weekend. They urge drivers to use caution and to not drive impaired.