BLIZZARD '22: Stew Leonard’s shoppers stock up on groceries before the nor’easter

Shoppers at Stew Leonard’s in Paramus are getting their last-minute groceries before the nor’easter.  
The place is prepared, stocked, and ready to go with the most frequently purchased items ahead of the extreme weather.  
"Stew's is usually pretty good, they usually got plenty of food,” says Kathy Carey, of Emerson. “Even back in the beginning of the pandemic when all the other stores were empty, Stew's had food, so it's been a good store to come to."
A manager says it's working closely with its suppliers to make sure there aren't any shortages, especially when it comes to meat and cold cuts.
The most common items are milk and bread, but store experts recommend buying non-perishable foods because you never know what couldhappen.