Black Poster Project teaches students about the dangers of fentanyl

Students in Wood-Ridge learned about the dangers of fentanyl from members of an addiction and overdose awareness group on Thursday.
Members of the Black Poster Project traveled to Wood-Ridge High School with posters of those who have died after battling addiction.
Founder Dee Gilen says the organization is dedicated to her son who died from an overdose.
"It's a way to have our kids remembered in the light that we want them remembered. They were in the throes of addiction - a lot of them. Like, my son was 10 years fighting addiction. I wouldn't want you to remember him that way. I want you to remember him as he looks in his poster,” Gilen says.
Officials say that 106 people between the ages of 18 and 29 died from fentanyl overdoses in Bergen County last year.