Bill would equip smart parking meters with cameras

A bill up for debate in Trenton would allow municipalities to use smart parking meters, with cameras, to take pictures of drivers’ cars and be used as evidence in case they go over the allowed time in the meter. 
The town would then be able to issue a ticket by mail.
A $2 surcharge would be attached to all tickets to go toward the Designated Drivers to Prevent Drunk Driving Fatalities Fund.
Users would also be able to pay using an app on their phone or with a credit card.
The app would notify users when time is about to run out. 
The bill would also wipe out any extra time left on a meter when drivers pull into a spot.
Drivers would be given three minutes once entering a location to pay the meter. 
According to several published reports, Palisades Park tried a test run and the tickets issued went up by 190-percent.