Big business: Super Bowl fever reaches New Jersey’s restaurant and bars

Bars and restaurants across New Jersey are hosting hordes of football fans Sunday for Super Bowl LVIII.
Workers at Edison Pizza told News 12 they expected to prepare 10,000 chicken wings this year -- the most they’ve ever made for Super Bowl Sunday.
The restaurant also prepped sandwiches, rice balls, pizza, and a variety of desserts. They also have the game on television sets throughout the restaurant and projected on the wall.
"We were here late last night. We were preparing extra wings, extra dough, extra sauces, extra bleu cheese," said Edison Pizza's Rob Mandreucci.
Rutgers Wings also prepared to cater events, private parties, and hundreds of take-out orders. The eatery prepared more than 6,000 chicken wings and thousands of chicken tenders.
"We have orders for Rutgers [University], almost 400 wings for Rutgers, for Robert Wood Hospital, the New Brunswick Police Department – plus all the customers inside waiting for their orders," said Rutgers Wings' Ali Alnajjar,
People were excited to see three former Scarlet Nights on the field: Sebastian Joseph-Day, Logan Ryan and Isiah Pacheco.
“It’s a big deal. Rutgers is going up in the rankings in terms of academics and it’s also nice to see them succeed on the professional sports level,” said Raghav Devalla, Rutgers University student.