Biden touts success in COVID battle, reopening economy in news conference

President Joe Biden held a solo news conference as he marked his first full year in office.
He says the United States has made major strides in the battle against COVID since he was sworn in.
"Some people may call what's happening now the 'new normal,'" Biden says. "I call it a job not yet finished. It will get better. We're moving toward a time when COVID-19 won't disrupt our daily lives."
Biden touted progress on vaccinations, reopening the economy and creating jobs.
The president also acknowledged there is more work to do as they enter the midterm election year.
"I'm going to be out on the road a lot making the case around the country with my colleagues who are up for reelection and other making the cases of what we did do and what we want to do," Biden says.
He also talked about the record inflation, saying his administration is working toward a more productive economy with greater capacity capacity to deliver goods and services.