Bernie Sanders encourages 2nd Amazon warehouse on Staten Island to unionize

Employees of a New York City Amazon warehouse gathered Sunday ahead of their vote on whether to unionize.
Just under 2,000 Amazon employees of the LDJ5 fulfillment center in Staten Island are set to cast their votes Monday.
Last month, the country's largest Amazon labor union was formed at another Staten Island warehouse complex.
Now, employees at the second largest complex on the grounds will vote on whether to follow in their footsteps.
Sen. Bernie Sanders joined elected officials in a news conference to express support for the movement.
"You have taken on one of the most powerful corporations in America...and you beat them,” Sanders said.
According to speakers, if LDJ5 votes to create a second union-led worker facility on the grounds, it could spark a movement leading to other Amazon workplaces fighting to unionize as well.
Results on the in-person voting are set to be announced on May 2.