Bergen County woman launches language learning app to cultivate connection

A Bergen County woman has launched her own app to cultivate a connection through learning and conversation.
Michiyo Kawasaki, who created the language learning app called ‘Kleo,’ tells News 12 her app is different from other apps which use pictures and text. Kleo uses an immersive, conversational approach for students to feel like they are talking with a real person without having to hire a tutor or take a class.
"That whole concept of connection through language has been so important to me,” she said.
Michiyo, who is first generation Japanese American, says she was inspired to create the platform by her Japanese-born father who struggled to speak English.
“If you can't communicate or aren't confident about communication, it can marginalize you,” Michiyo added. “So, it's both sides. I've seen the joy of bringing people together with language and the opposite as well."
Kleo gives learners real-time feedback, as a human teacher would do. The app is currently available on iPhones while Android availability is coming soon.