Bergen County food pantries prepare to help as food prices rise ahead of Thanksgiving

The Bergen County Food Security Task Force will be getting food pantries and organizations prepared for the holiday at Dumont Swim Club.
The organizations will serve anyone who needs a little help during the holiday season, especially now with rising prices.
County Commissioner Tracy Zur is heading the Bergen County Food Security Task Force, working alongside the Community Food Bank of New Jersey to ensure Bergen County food pantries are stocked up to serve anyone needing a little extra help this Thanksgiving.
“We saw 71% food insecurity in the pandemic and those numbers haven’t gone down,” says Zur. “We’re seeing actually increased demand at pantries right now."
The U.S. Department of Agriculture says "food-at-home costs" will go up almost 5% this year. Turkeys are in shorter supply this year than they were last year, and the big factor is supply chain issues driving up prices. Foods such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs have seen the highest gains driven by price increases.
“On top of a financial hole, many families are grappling with 5% to 10% increases in basic goods and food in particular this time of year, and we know that’s going to expand many months ahead,” says Carlos Rodriguez, president and CEO of Community Food Bank of New Jersey.
Experts say to start shopping early, look for deals or get creative to share the cost.