Bayonne-based Royal Wine Corp to donate proceeds from some sales to Ukrainian refugees

People from all over the world are trying to help the citizens of Ukraine in any way that they can – including people and companies in New Jersey. Among them is Bayonne-based Royal Wine Corp.
Among the many spirits that the company imports and sells is Lvov, which is a vodka made in Poland by a Ukrainian-born man, and Xdar, which also is a brand of vodka. It is made in Ukraine. Royal Wine Corp. will donate 100% of the proceeds of both brands to Ukrainian refugees.
"Like everyone else, we’re watching the events unfolding. And it rips your heart out when you see the tragedies taking place, especially as a Jewish family. Many of our ancestors - not me in particular - but many of our ancestors came from Ukraine or that part of the world,” says Royal Wine CEO Mordy Herzog. “There's a special feeling we have when we see the suffering and the pain, and our grandparents went through similar or worse."
Herzog says that he expects to raise at least $30,000 for the refugees.