Bars team with police, Lyft to limit drunken driving this NYE

Three Essex County bars have teamed with the local police department and ride-sharing company Lyft to promote safe driving this New Year’s Eve.
Bartenders at three bars in Fairfield have been given bite-sized chocolate pieces that fit onto glassware. If the bartender gives one of these chocolates to a patron, it’s a sweet yet subtle reminder that the patron should not drive themselves home from the bar that night.
“If it’s subtle, it becomes a conversation pierce,” says Fairfield Police Chief Anthony Manny.
The chocolates also have Lyft’s logo on the side. Anyone who gets a candy will also get 50 percent off two rides. The bars participating include Thatcher McGhee's, Franklin Steakhouse and Sidelines Grill.
“We think we have struck a nice balance here accommodating the bar owners who still have a responsibility to make sure their patrons don’t over consume,” Manny says.
The idea came from chocolatier David Little of He says it also helps bartenders who may be trying to limit someone from overindulging.
"Other bartenders can say, ‘Let’s just monitor this guy. Let’s just keep an eye on him,’” Little says.
Lyft will attempt to track the rides in Fairfield to see if the chocolates worked.