Babylon victim turned NYPD officer fights for next generation of students

An NYPD officer who claims she was sexually abused as a student in Babylon is now focusing her efforts on protecting the next generation.
Barbara Kulick graduated from Babylon High School in 2008 where she says she was abused by her tennis coach.
She says the coach would take the end of his tennis racquet and put it in between her legs and up skirts.
"I compare him to the Larry Nasser of Babylon," Kulick says.
She is now teaming up with advocacy groups and legislators to create lasting change that will protect other students.
Kulick says she wants to see a law against grooming and not being able to have a relationship with a student for a certain amount of time after they graduate.
Nobody who spoke about their experiences of sexual assault at Monday's Babylon school board meeting has pressed any charges, according to Suffolk police.
Keith School advocates for abuse victims at the Safe Center LI and says some survivors prefer to heal without filing criminal complaints.
"Many times victims don't want to go through what our criminal justice system might do to them," Scott says. "They have to go on trial, have their story picked apart by a defense attorney and others. That could be very traumatic."
Kulick urges survivors of assault form any school district to tell their stories at Anyone who wants to send their story can remain anonymous.