'Baby Trump' takes to sky as crowds gather for street fair nearby

As crowds were turning out Sunday for Maplewood's annual Art Walk & Music Fest on Sunday, a display nearby was turning some heads.
The "Baby Trump" balloon was set up near the train station at Ricalton Square by a grassroots group called SOMA Action (South Orange Maplewood Action). The group got in touch with the "Baby Trump" tour and secured permission to use the balloon.
The balloon, described as a caricature of President Donald Trump, was being flown on a clear, fall day as the streets of Maplewood were coincidentally bustling for the annual street fair, where many local roads were shut down to make way for artists and vendors.
The balloon was displayed for just a few hours leading up to SOMA's meeting in Maplewood. It is believed to be the first major appearance of the Trump balloon in New Jersey.