Average price for gallon of unleaded gas in NJ is $3

The average price for a gallon of unleaded gas in New Jersey is $3, and that number will likely go up as the summer travel season gets closer.
Along the Parkway, regular gas is $3.08, still above the state average, and higher than many people have seen in a long time.
But according to AAA, the high numbers will not stop anyone, as they say five percent more New Jersians plan to hit the road this Memorial Day weekend than last.
AAA says when you drive up to the gas pump to fill up for the getaway, expect some sticker shock, especially compared to last year, and it's probably not going to get better, with trends indicating the summer will bring national averages even higher.
Fourteen states are averaging $3 a gallon or more, including neighboring Pennsylvania.
The average gas price now is a huge jump from last month when it was $2.80. 
This time last year it was $2.37 a gallon.