Reports: Long Island man died of heart failure in Dominican Republic

Reports from the Dominican Republic say a man from Long Island died from respiratory and heart failure.
According to our partners at News 12 Long Island, Vittorio Caruso, 56, had just sold his pizzeria and went to the Dominican Republic to begin his retirement.
Family members say Caruso was “very healthy and had no heart problems.”
A reporter from Diario Libre in the Dominican Republic, who saw the autopsy report, says Caruso died from, "Respiratory failure due to acute heart failure, due to multiple acute, old and recent heart attacks."
The FBI is looking into the rash of deaths in the country to see if any are linked.
Dominican Republic officials have said the traveler deaths are isolated events.
Caruso died one week ago while in the Dominican Republic.
He is one of nearly a dozen American tourists who have died there over the past year.