Authorities: Pedestrian struck by Rutgers University bus in New Brunswick

Police and firefighters were called to Rutgers University’s New Brunswick campus Tuesday evening when a university bus struck a man who was crossing at the intersection of New and George streets.
Student Gunwoo Shin was riding the university bus when it struck the pedestrian.
“We did hear the bus driver scream one or two seconds after the bus stopped,” said Shin. “He was not under the wheel, but he was under the red part of the bus.”
The pedestrian was eventually taken out from under the bus.
“They pulled him out. They got him on the bed for the ambulance. He had a neck brace, he wasn’t saying anything, doing anything,” says Shin.
Firefighters, paramedics and police officers responded to the incident, which happened around 7:20 p.m.
“It seems there was some applause for the firefighters for rescuing him, which I hope that was the case,” says Rutgers senior Majeed Assadi.
It is not confirmed if the man was crossing the road in the designated crosswalk.
Authorities have not provided information about the victim. It was not clear if he was a student or an employee of the university. The condition of the pedestrian is not yet clear.