Authorities: 2 Pennsylvania state troopers, civilian fatally struck on I-95

Authorities say two Pennsylvania state troopers and a civilian were fatally struck by a car overnight on I-95 in Philadelphia.
Police departments, including New Jersey State Police, say this incident highlights why the Move Over Law is so important.
"It's just another reminder of how dangerous these stops are and how dangerous the job of a first responder is,” says Chief Brian Pesce, of the Bordentown Township Police Department.
Pesce says he tells his officers to be extra careful during traffic stops and when responding to calls on roadways.
"We recommend the passenger side approach and to always have their head on a swivel and see what's going on behind them, and how they can position their vehicles. Where to stop vehicles in well-lit areas and not on steep curves or hills,” he says.
In 2009, New Jersey became the 44th state to implement the Move Over Law to protect first responders and road crews.
"The minute they see emergency lights…whether it be red and blue for police or yellow for some type of emergency vehicle, tow truck, highway worker-- you immediately should slow down. And, if feasible, move over to an adjacent lane to give these officers and workers the ability to do their job safely,” Pesce says.
Earlier this month, a similar law went into effect in New Jersey that requires drivers to slow down and safely pass pedestrians, bicyclists and those in wheelchairs or scooters.