Attorney: Driver accused of killing 3 in gas station crash didn’t know heroin was laced

A man from Vernon accused of slamming his SUV into a gas station, killing three people, was unaware he bought heroin laced with fentanyl, his attorney claims.
The crash happened back on Feb. 19 on Route 23 in Wayne.
Jason Vanderee, 29, says the drug caused him to pass out behind the wheel. Vanderee has said he does not remember the crash.
Vanderee's attorney says he plans to use fentanyl as a defense should the case go to trial.
Jon Warbeck, of Fair Lawn, and his 17-year-old son, Luke, were killed along with Lovedeep Fatra, 22, of Pequannock.
Vanderee faces three counts of aggravated manslaughter and death by auto, among other charges.
He’s due back in court next month.
Court records show Vanderee has a long history of drug-related offenses. He had previously lost his license for driving recklessly while under the influence of drugs.