At least 9 cars left with smashed windows, ransacked inside on Newark street

Multiple neighbors in Newark woke up to their car windows smashed in and ransacked inside, and among them, a nurse and health care workers having to call out of work and wait hours for police response.
Some neighbors were missing items on the Hillside Avenue block, with some seeing their belongings on the street, but what made it worse for the residents is when they called police, they were told to wait and then after waiting hours, they say they were told there wouldn't be any officers sent over due to COVID-19 concerns.
"You can't be out there just chasing the criminals, gang bangers and neglect the law-abiding tax payers of Newark," says Newark resident Jimsey Roberts.
Police did end up showing up, first just one patrol officer then more officers came after that. Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose says, "To reduce contact due to COVID-19, we do not respond to these types of assignments, but take reports over the telephone. A detective then follows up in the investigation of the incident. We started this since 230 officers were infected and six have died. In the particular case you inquired about, our detectives are actively pursuing a target."