'At first glance it's very promising.' LI school officials weigh impact of Hochul's record $31B in state aid

Long Island school officials say Gov. Hochul's proposed record $31 billion could mean promising things for school districts.
Dr. Robert Dillon, the superintendent of Nassau BOCES, says the money could be used to make major investments in programs and facilities.
"At first glance it's very promising," says Dillon. "But the devils in the details. Until we see the individual district's runs on state aid, we will not know for sure. But it's certainly very promising."
The governor's $216 billion budget not only includes a record amount in school aid, but it also calls for an acceleration of tax cuts for the middle class, property tax rebates for more than 2 million homeowners, and $250 million in tax credits to small businesses.
Former Brentwood Superintendent Michael Cohen says when it comes to taxes, they could remain the same but don't count on it.
"It's great news but it doesn't mean necessarily that folks can expect to see no increase in taxes," says Cohen. "That's not necessarily going to be the case."
If the governor's budget is approved, several factors will go into determining how much aid each individual school district will receive, including student need, community wealth and regional cost differences.