Asbury Park police probe social media posts promoting ‘pop up party’ this weekend on beachfront

Police in Asbury Park are actively monitoring several social media posts promoting a “pop-up party” to occur on the beachfront Saturday or Sunday.
Authorities are probing the sources of the posts and are attempting to verify details at this time.
Previous “pop-up parties” in Point Pleasant Beach and Long Branch resulted in disorderly conduct, fighting, public consumption of alcohol and property damage -- prompting a large police presence, arrests and eventual cleanup costing taxpayers thousands of dollars in services. In Long Branch, over 5,000 people showed up and caused the city over $25,000 in damages.
Businesses in Asbury Park's Convention Hall are worried what their shore town will look like if the rumors about a possible “pop-up party” come true.
"We are definitely a little nervous,” says Luke Mesanko, with Wanderlust Land and Sea. “I wish it wasn't going to happen this early in the summer. I do have faith in the police department and surrounding areas now that it's already happened in Long Branch."
Some businesses are nervous that even just the rumors of a possible “pop-up party” could turn some other tourists away.
"If you have kids, it's definitely not the scene that you want to be involved in, whether or not it will actually come to fruition will be in fruition but if the weather is good, I expect people to still come out,” says Mesanko.
The parties are advertised on social media and encourage people to bring their own booze and marijuana.
The cities are seeking court orders blocking such parties without a permit and calling for organizers to pay for services and damages. Asbury Park is also following suit.
"Don't like it at all,” says Frank Carmen of Asbury Park. “Absolutely don't like it at all. I mean, just go by the rules. If you want to have a party, get your permits like you are supposed to. Keep the alcohol at bay, keep the drugs at bay. Just behave yourself and have a good time."
Police say the party may happen on either Saturday or Sunday. They will be keeping a close eye on the weekend and the rest of the summer going forward.