Artwork depicting social justice issues on display in downtown New Brunswick

Anyone who has visited New Brunswick lately may have noticed artwork hanging in the windows.
The effort is called “Windows of Understanding,” and the artists are hoping that what they have created behind the class will help unite the community.
“These are pertinent issues that we are dealing with every day,” says co-founder Tracey O’Reggio Clark.
The artwork is displayed in the windows of around 20 participating businesses and organizations in the city. It was created to focus on unity and specific groups that serve the community.
The art was put up in time for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.
“Martin Luther King was all about giving back, leadership, mentorship, civic engagement, compassion, nonviolence and really making a mark and marking a change,” Clark says.
The artwork depicts issues surrounding social justice, climate change, public health and hunger.
“To learn about where your food comes from and what’s healthy food for you are the messages I am sending in this piece,” says John Marron of the Highland Park Art Commission.
Marron’s painting of an owl with its wings outstretched and surrounded by a cornucopia is meant to call attention to local nonprofits providing children and family in need with food.
The New Brunswick Community Arts Council and several other organizations partnered in the project. There are associated exhibits in Highland Park and Metuchen. The artwork will be on display through the end of February.