Army Corps. considers sea-wall to protect shoreline from storms

This October will be six full years since Superstorm Sandy crushed the New Jersey coast, and since then, The Army Corp of Engineers is in the process of working on ways to prevent it from happening again. 
One idea is in Sandy Hook, where a sea-wall is certainly getting the attention of residents.
The idea has been introduced by The Army Corps of Engineers as a way to protect the coastline from a future storm surge.
The sea-wall would run about five miles from Breezy Point in Queens down to Sandy Hook.
The proposed five mile wall would work like a gate, able to open and close as a big storm approaches.
Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club call the sea wall idea a waste of a lot of money, adding the wall will create serious environmental problems like harming fish and wildlife, restricting tidal flow, and causing beach erosion.
The Army Corps of Engineers is holding public hearings this week for public opinion on all the proposals.
A final decision and ground breaking is still years away.