Archdiocese, N. Arlington leaders clash over fate of shuttered high school

North Arlington leaders are speaking out against the Archdiocese of Newark, saying they are being left out of redevelopment plans at the shuttered Queens of Peace High School. 
When the high school closed in June, members of the North Arlington Borough Council thought the building could be taken over by the Board of Education. They believed it could be turned into a new middle school that would relieve overcrowding at the public schools.
The fate of the building, however, is up to the archdiocese. 
Councilman Dan Pronti told News 12 that he felt "steamrolled" by the archdiocese after receiving calls from developers about what could be built at the site of the high school. 
News 12 was told that the archdiocese said the council could not afford the lease. 
In response, the archdiocese spokesman Jim Goodness says, ideally, it would remain a school. 
"I understand that there was a request for proposal that was sent out and we're awaiting those final proposal offers from several developers," said Goodness. "At this point, nothing is decided, there is no plan in place right now until we actually see what the next steps can be based on the proposals."
Any proposal will need Planning and Borough Council approval. 
The Newark Archdiocese says the proposals from developers on the Queen of Peace site are expected to be completed in early December.