Arborist: Check on weak trees before stormy weather

Tree experts are warning homeowners to make sure trees on their property are secure when stormy weather approaches.
Falling trees are a major concern during bad weather with strong winds.
Arborists say that telltale signs that a tree could be trouble include fungal growth around its trunk and dead limbs higher up. They say it is best to check on potentially weak trees well before a hurricane to have their canopies reinforced.
“We do things with eye hooks and steel cables to help support them so when the wind is blowing they don't want to peel out. They blow around up there as one instead of wanting to split out. Once one limb splits out, often the whole tree has to come down,” says arborist Robert O’Rourke.
Experts say that it is also important to check on trees for signs of damage after a hurricane because those trees may fall down later.