Apple admits slowing down older iPhones

It’s been a longtime conspiracy theory that tech giant Apple Inc. slows down older models of the iPhone in order to force users to purchase the latest version.
Apple admitted Thursday that the company does use software updates to slow down older devices. But the company says that this is done in order to keep them functional.
“I felt like I was ripped off because I felt like they were forcing me to buy a new iPhone and I didn't like that,” says iPhone user Heidi Daraz.
“They probably wouldn't have admitted it if they didn't get caught,” says Somerville resident Keith Grade. “Somehow it doesn't make you think any better of them because they only admitted it because they have to.”
Apple says that that the SE, 6, 6S and 7 versions of the iPhone are impacted by the software updates.
In a statement to Tech Crunch, Apple says:
IPhone repairman Jose Salina says that the most recent iOS update made phones slower than ever.
“Once you shut down your phone and turn it back on, it takes forever to load,” he says. “It takes up to three minutes on some phones. We didn’t know why. Now we do.”
Salinas says that his and other cellphone repair stores have seen a lot of frustrated customers who have come in wondering about the slow speeds.
But none of the iPhone users who spoke with News 12 New Jersey Thursday said that they would give up their iPhone and switch to another company.
“I feel kind of betrayed, but it’s fine,” says Daraz.
“I think it’s a little bit unfair that they have full control of your device. Even though you own it,” Salinas says.
Apple can replace older iPhone batteries and speed up service for $79 if the phone is out of warranty.