Annual African Restaurant Week kicks off in Newark

Thursday marked the first day of African Restaurant Week in Newark. About 30 African and Caribbean restaurants are participating and offering discounted menu items.
Oko Fine Cuisine offers some dinners, such as seared scallops, stuffed salmon and jollof rice or an oxtail quesadilla.
“Oko is a brand-new restaurant,” says owner Cliff Mills. “I’m the original owner of Afro Taco and basically, we do high-end foods with a Mexican African twist.”
Oko is offering a 10% discount until Aug. 27.
African Restaurant Week takes place over two weeks, with about 30 restaurants offering similar discounts. One of the participants is Newark favorite Jollof Grill.
“Those that know what it means to have a good jollof rice know it has to be smoky,” says Jollof Grill owner Michael Deji.
This is the third year of African Restaurant Week. It will be followed by a festival that takes place on Aug. 26 and 27 at Mulberry Commons.
“Activities like these really bring out the culture and everything African people are all about,” says Tawana Meck, of African Restaurant Week.
More information about the event can be found HERE.