Animations show finished product of Portal Bridge and Gateway Tunnel

The Gateway Development Corporation has released new animations of what their highly anticipated projects will look like when complete.
The corporation says the Gateway Project will build the two most urgent infrastructure projects in the country, unclog a bottleneck of delays for 200,000 daily riders and safeguard 10 percent of the nation's GDP.
Through the release of the animations, commuters can get a preview of what their train trip into the city will look like with the second animation.

It depicts the trip from New Jersey to Manhattan via the planned new Hudson River tunnel, which will be the first built underneath the Hudson in more than 80 years.

The plan is for trains to take the existing tracks until Union City, where a new portal to the tunnel will be built. Trains will then swing south to enter the tunnel in Hoboken.

The tunnel will lead into and under the waters of the Hudson River in Hoboken, crossing the river and getting travelers into the city through Hudson Yards.
Like everything else, all of this depends on federal funding coming through.
Senate and House committees have approved billions of dollars in appropriations that include funding for the project, but final votes have yet to happen.
President Donald Trump reportedly said he would veto a budget that had funding for the Gateway Project in it, so the final fate of the infrastructure construction remains to be seen.