‘An incredible experience.' Father recalls moments son was born on the George Washington Bridge

As if driving on the George Washington Bridge wasn’t an already stressful situation, a couple from Essex County found themselves having to deliver a baby while driving on it.
Jordan Harris Goldfarb was born one month ago in the passenger seat of his father Blake Goldfarb’s car. The North Caldwell couple says that the situation was traumatic and scary, but also unforgettable.
“I was screaming to my husband to call 911, call 911,” says Allison Goldfarb.
“The 911 operator said to me, ‘Sir, you need to pull over this car and deliver this baby.’ And I stopped for a second and I was like, ‘Wait a second. Did I really just hear that?’” Blake says.
The couple was on their way to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. Both of them were also sick with COVID-19 at the time.
“It was an extremely scary and traumatic experience,” says Allison. “But I am so happy that obviously we’re all safe and healthy.”
Blake is an attorney and has no medical training.
“Thank God, I think my human instincts kicked in at that moment,” he says.
Allison was a week away from her due date and the couple was 12 days into their COVID diagnoses. Allison’s contractions were getting worse as the baby was already slowly making his first appearance as the drive went on. EMTs arrived just after Blake delivered the healthy baby
“It’s an incredible experience to deliver your own child and it’s something that I think that many, many parents would be fearful of all at the same time,” says Blake. “It’s probably the most rewarding thing that I’ve ever had to deal with in my life and it’s something that I’ll remember.”
The baby is named after Allison’s younger brother Joshua Harrison, who died at 3-years-old from Leukemia.
This is the couple’s second child. Sister Liv is 20 months old and says that she loves being a big sister.