‘American spirit’: New Jersey woman integral in development of Mars Rover

A native of Union, who at an early age knew exactly what she wanted to do, is today making history for the world -- integral in the development of the Mars Rover.
Her name is Elizabeth Duffy, and she is a mechanical engineer for NASA. She was born and raised in Union, walking the halls at Union High School. Just last week, President Joe Biden congratulated her team on the launch, describing their work as a display of the "American spirit."
“He talked about how we achieve something at a pretty critical time, and I agree with it,” says Duffy.
From a fifth-grader with big dreams on full display, to now working on a historic mission team that gave the world a first-hand look at Mars.
“Every day I look at the report and I’m like, oh my God, we drove, oh my God, we, you know, we move the arm,” says Duffy.
Duffy hopes to also be a part of the NASA team that retrieves the samples from Mars. Until then, she'll keep encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM to help diversify the important field.