American Game Association: 23 million Americans expected to bet on Super Bowl 55

This weekend will see a Super Bowl like no other because of the COVID-19 pandemic – and that includes some unique wagers on sports betting.
More than 23 million Americans are expected to bet on Super Bowl 55. According to the American Game Association, pandemic restrictions will drive more people to use online sportsbooks than ever before.
Companies like DraftKings are offering more than 1,000 different ways to bet on the game.
“These props have made it so people can bet various things to keep you entertained during the game,” says DraftKings head Johnny Avello. “The coin flip, right from the beginning, heads-tails.”
Fans can also bet on the Gatorade color, if the kicker will mess up a field goal or if a lineman will score a touchdown.
Besides the quirky props, Avello says that the quarterback match-up has allowed oddsmakers to set a lot of player props.
“Patrick Mahomes to pass over 300 yards and the Chiefs have to win the game. And we’ve done that with [Tom] Brady too,” Avello says.
The AGA says that an estimated $4 billion will be wagered on the Super Bowl this year. But in a time where there will not be as many Super Bowl parties because of the pandemic, sportsbooks are also offering free bets to keep fans engaged.
“For the fourth quarter only we have about eight or 10 different things that could happen. You have to pick yes or no or who will score and we’re giving away $1 million in that pool,” Avello says.
For those in New Jersey who are not interested in the Chiefs of Bucs, they can already bet on next year’s Super Bowl – odds for the Jets of Giants to win it all.
“You know, I think the Giants are in a better spot than the Jets are. At least the Giants rallied a little bit this year to win five games. The Jets, they’ve got a long way to go,” Avello says.
Super Bowl 55 kicks off on Sunday at 6:30 p.m.