American Flag Football League comes to Florham Park

The American Flag Football League is coming to Florham Park at the Jets facility.
A free, nationwide flag football tournament that started out with a pool of 128 teams is now down to eight, but the last team standing has to beat an all-star squad of former professional athletes.        
That is how they will win the $1 million prize.
It's their U.S. Open.
The field was whittled down to 32 teams heading into the weekend, but now only eight teams remain.
The remaining teams include Strong Island Bulldogs, a mix of New Jersey natives and New Yorkers.
The team has already won $25,000 just for making it this far.
In two months from now is the championship.
Michael Vick, Chad Ochocinco, and even former NBA players Nate Robinson and Carlos Boozer are said to be competing as part of the bracket with the former pros.