American Dream mall will charge for parking after opening weekend

Those heading to the new American Dream mall in East Rutherford will be paying for more than just shopping and entertainment.
The management company says that anyone parking for more than 30 minutes will have to pay a fee, but parking will be free for the opening weekend.

According to the American Dream website, up to three hours will cost $3, five hours will cost $4 and anything over eight hours can cost up to $24.

During events at MetLife Stadium, event parking rates will be in effect, but visitors to the Nickelodeon theme park will get that money back.

The Nickelodeon theme park and ice rink portions of the complex open Friday. The water park opens next month, the ski and snow park in early December and stores aren't expected to open until March.

Residents are not surprised, but some say it may keep them away.

"You won't see me," said Amanda Campos, of North Arlington. "I work in Paramus, and there are four malls within a mile and I don't have to pay for parking there, so that's where I'll be."

Others say it's a small price to pay if the mall is safe and clean.

"I think it's OK to charge for parking because you want to keep security, you want to keep it clean" said Lefty Gregory of Long Island. "All these services cost money."