Air conditioning returns for tenants of Mineola apartment buildings following power outage

Over 100 Mineola residents have their power back on after dealing with more than 24 hours of no air conditioning.
Tenants of two apartment buildings on 100 and 101 Lincoln Avenue say the power went off around 3 p.m. Sunday and it took power crews over a day to get it flowing again.
Anthony Silva says the lights and air conditioning in his apartment went out after there was a loud explosion.
He says the heat was hard to bear.
"It was terrible, I couldn't sleep," Silva says. "You just dozed off a little, but it was too hot because you're sweating no matter how you look at it."
PSEG-Long Island says a transformer in the area failed and a private cable feeding the building was damaged.
Crews spent the day working to fix the problem even though the cable was not owned by the company.
Some residents left to get away from the power outage. They say they are happy it is back on.
"I had no internet this morning and I couldn't work," says Michael DeMarco. "I was a loser; I went to my mom's house for dinner but now I'm back."
PSEG-LI says some of the delay was because the feeder cable was owned by the building.
They fixed the cable on its own because of the extreme heat on Long Island.