Activists in Westfield participate in 'We Won't Go Back' rally

In the fight over Roe V. Wade, rallies and marches across the country were organized to condemn recent reproductive rights laws. On Saturday, activists called for a nationwide Day of Action in support of a woman's right to choose.
In Westfield, members of the community participated in a "We Won't Go Back" rally.
Many of the rallies across the country have been in direct response to a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court, that would overturn Roe v. Wade. The decision would end nearly 50 years of federal protection for abortions. Rallygoers say this issue goes beyond whether you're pro- choice or not.
"This is an outrageous time to be a woman we are finding that the Republican party is doing everything they can to squash our reproductive rights," said resident Marci Bandelli.
"We have got to make our voices heard and what happens today has to be multiplied 1,000 times,” said Margye Solomon, of Montclair. “I honestly believe that these are just the beginnings of what we have to do to protect our rights."
"It is easy to view this as a women's issue only and it's not. Without men who understand the importance of this to women, being involved in this, I just don't think there will be progress," says Norm Solomon of Montclair.
In Metuchen, Planned Parenthood hosted a rally, where First Lady Tammy Murphy spoke.
The First Lady said if abortion access is restricted in this country by a reversal of Roe v. Wade, it would be a setback for women's rights.
"The fight that was started decades ago and, sadly, the Supreme Court wants to possibly overturn this, and if they do, it will send us back many, many years," Murphy said.
Earlier this week, Gov. Phil Murphy called on the Legislature to pass a measure that would protect doctors and patients who come to New Jersey for abortion care. He also renewed his efforts to make abortions free in New Jersey and to broaden who can perform the procedure.