About a month in, how are schools doing amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

Schools around the tri-state, as well as the country, are navigating a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the districts tackle the education of our children, there are benefits and obstacles amid the pandemic. And some issues that existed before that are now being highlighted.
Below are some of the issues districts around the tri-state are facing.
There is a digital divide. With the majority of students learning from home - at least part of the time - not all of those students have the technology needed to participate virtually. News 12's Walt Kane explains more in his report.
When it comes to special education, nearly 7 million American children with disabilities are trying to balance school in the pandemic. However, experts say the consequences are devastating. News 12's Tara Rosenblum investigates this, as well as a lawsuit that raises questions if the civil rights of these children are being violated.
Children aren't the only ones affected during this time. News 12's Mark Sudol dives into teachers who are struggling to juggle the new school year and their safety amid their pandemic.
And while some teachers are struggling with in-person learning, others are choosing to take themselves out of the narrative completely. News 12's Anthony Carlo has more on teachers' decision to 'return or retire.'
Finally, News 12's Rich Barrabi takes a look at an issue that existed well before the pandemic began...the lack of diversity among teachers across the tri-state.