AAA: Russia, Ukraine crisis driving gas prices higher

AAA says the situation between Russia and Ukraine is driving gas prices higher – nationally and in New Jersey.
AAA says the average price for gas nationally is $3.61, while New Jersey's average is not far off at $3.65 – up 15 cents from last month.
"It's expensive, and it cuts into my budget real hard," says Lyft driver Bridgette Cameron.
Lyft drivers that spoke with News 12 say they are getting paid less right now because fares have not gone up but gas prices have.
"The price for the fares, it hasn't changed. And the gas prices keep going up, so we're absolutely operating at a loss right now,” says Aaron Lecene.
Drivers say it's a tough situation because less people could request rides if fares go up.
"Nobody wants to pay more,” says Lecene. “I'm not sure if you use Uber or Lyft, but you don't want to pay more. Of course you want the drivers to make a good living, but you don't want to pay more. It's difficult for everyone."
News 12 reached out to both Uber and Lyft for a comment but did not hear back. Some drivers say one way to help is just to tip more with the high gas prices in mind.
A year ago, gas in New Jersey was almost a full dollar cheaper at $2.84.