AAA: Nearly 1.5 million New Jersey residents traveled over Thanksgiving weekend

AAA estimated nearly 1.5 million New Jersey residents would travel 50 miles or more over the Thanksgiving weekend.
Drivers expected to hit more than double the delays this year as they headed home Sunday after the holiday.
Experts said Sunday night was a good time to hit the road if travelers had not done so in the morning
Lakewood resident Rae Keenan described the traffic she drove through as "terrible" as she tried to get from Long Island back home.
"Everything was backed up, but it's alright now. New Jersey is a lot easier to travel in than New York," Keenan said.
Thanksgiving holiday travel was up this year compared to last year and many saw pre-pandemic numbers when it came to holiday travel.
Bernard Fonrose, of Neptune, said he faced challenges while returning from the Poconos.
"There was fog, two accidents, traffic," he said.
Car travel remained 2.5% below what it was in 2019, though it was up 2% from 2021.
Air travel and other modes of transportation saw big increases, but one Jersey City family said they opted to skip mass transit this year.
"Mostly, we take the train. We were fortunate enough to drive today," said Timothy Kukucko. "Driving through the rain, it's not too fun. It's a little wet out there, roads are congested, but we're just taking our time."
According to AAA, almost 90% of New Jersey residents would drive to their holiday destinations this year, and Thanksgiving road trips were up .4% from last year
Experts expect drivers to hit more than double the normal delays this year.