A blend of Bluegrass and Hip-Hop: The group Gangstagrass comes to New Jersey

Gangstagrass, an unusual musical mashup, a group that blends Bluegrass and Hip-Hop, is coming to New Jersey.
R-Son is an MC out of Philadelphia -- one of the diverse voices giving Gangstagrass its unique sound.
“Just to be what we get to be that's a really powerful thing,” says R-Son. “Describe that be what we get to be. We would go play shows and we would see the people that just naturally would come and hear us and it's been a really powerful experience to bring people together in the audience, it's been a really meaningful thing for us as different people."
Banjo artist Dan Whitener lives in Matawan.
The group released its latest album, “No Time for Enemies" in 2020, but due the pandemic, it is only now beginning to tour on the album -- a tour that will bring Ganstagrass to the South Orange Performing Arts Center on Feb. 5, the first full capacity main stage performance there since the pandemic. 
Renovations are being completed at the nonprofit after severe flooding from Hurricane Ida further delayed its full return to operations by an additional five months.
If the music of Gangstagrass sounded familiar, they were contestants last year on America's Got Talent.