4-year-old honored for saving mothers life during medical emergency

A 4-year-old girl’s quick thinking is being credited for saving her mother’s life during a medical emergency.
Isla Glaser called 911 when her mother Haley collapsed in the kitchen.
“My mommy fell down and she can’t talk,” Isla told the Franklin Township police dispatcher.
Haley had collapsed due to a bacterial infection. Isla was able to relay her address to the dispatcher to help first responders.
"The fact that she knew her address and she knew exactly what to say really helped us render aid as quickly as possible,” says dispatcher Julie Kozo.
Isla also looked after her 2-year-old sister and twin 1-year-old brothers while waiting for police. She stood up on a chair to unlock the front door when Officer Mike Casey arrived. She even managed to quiet down her barking dogs.
“If it wasn’t for, who knows what would’ve happened to her mother,” says Officer Casey.
“I know adults that can’t handle that situation with that much bravery, poise and distinction,” says Lt. Phil Rizzo.
Isla was honored with a certificate, honorary police batch and a tour of the police station.
Isla’s mother says that she is just grateful for how everything played out.
"I’m grateful that you were able to communicate with her in a way that truly saved my life. I’m grateful to everyone here,” Haley told the first responders.