3 Things to Know - June 21, 2018

1. Don't leave the door to your house wide open, a coyote might walk in.
In Washington state, a coyote pup walked in an open door and hid in the living room. The homeowner called police. The little guy was removed and released back outside.
2. Bringing a suitcase that looks like a bomb to the airport is not a good idea.
In Chicago, someone brought this to the airport. It's a carry on bag that looks like a bomb. The passenger told TSA, it's just a bag. They, however, took no chances, cleared the area and called the bomb squad.
3. Dump truck drivers have to know when the bed of their truck is raised.
In Alabama, this truck slammed into an overpass, spilling scrap metal all over the highway. The driver says he was driving down the road and he noticed the bed rising. Instead of stopping, he kept on going.