3 Things to Know – Aug. 20, 2018

1. 11 is too young to drive. Usually.
Iowa. 11-year-old Caleb Hammond climbed into a race car. The little boy has leukemia, but he sat tall in that seat, and then he got to take it for a spin around the track. The local speedway granting Caleb's wish. He actually drove pretty well for an 11-year-old. Didn't swap any paint and he drove it right into victory lane.  
2. When new school fails, old school works just fine.
London's Gatwick Airport had a power outage. All the arriving and departing monitors went out. They worked around that by bringing out the whiteboard. Passengers checking their flights written in marker. It worked. Delays were minimal. Tonight, power's back on.  
3. Hollywood flop, thy name is Billionaire Boys Club.
This is Kevin Spacey's new movie. Billionaire Boy's Club. You've likely never heard of it and you've definitely not seen it. The movie debuted over the weekend with a new record low. It made just $126 in ticket sales. It only came out in 8 theaters nationwide. Kevin Spacey's sex scandal had something to do with that.