3 Things to Know – Aug. 13, 2018

1. Joey Chestnut is the hot dot eating king, he's not the cheese kurd eating king.
Wisconsin. Chestnut came in 3rd place. The winner ate 5 pounds, 2 ounces of cheese in 6 minutes. 
2. If you need a new car in Columbus, Ohio, c'mon down to Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet
The actor now owns a car dealership in town. He recently bought the dealership and says he plans to be involved in it's day-to-day business.
3. The fire department in Belleville, Illinois rescued a man from the mud. They saved his parrot too.
The man said his parrot flew into the muddy area and was stuck. So he went in to get it. He got stuck. Firemen got them both out.  Both are fine.