3 men arrested in different states for allegedly planning mass shootings

Three men in three different states have been arrested following tips that they were planning separate mass shootings, according to officials.

News 12 Staff

Aug 19, 2019, 11:12 AM

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Three men in three different states have been arrested following tips that they were planning separate mass shootings, according to officials.
Tristan Scott Wix, of Florida, James Patrick Reardon, of Ohio, and Brandon Wagshol, of Connecticut, are all facing a variety of charges.
In Florida, the sheriff of Volusia County said that 25-year-old Wix was charged after his ex-girlfriend told police he had allegedly sent her texts threatening to carry out a shooting. Sheriff Michael Chitwood said that they took the threat seriously.
"He had a rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition. There's a lot of carnage [that] could've been caused,” Chitwood said. “He fits the profile exactly. He lost his job, he lost his girlfriend, he's depressed, he's got the ammunition and he wants to become known for being the most prolific killer in American history."
Some of the texts allegedly said “I’d wanna break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever,” and “a good 100 kills would be nice.”
"The girlfriend's a real hero here," said Chitwood.
Ohio authorities say that a tip led to the arrest of 20-year-old Reardon, who allegedly threatened to carry out a shooting at a Jewish community center.
Reardon has been charged with telecommunications harassment and aggravated menacing after authorities say he made an ominous post on his Instagram account, which contained anti-Semitic material, according to police.
Investigators say that they found weapons and ammunition at Reardon’s home.
Reardon previously made his ideological leanings clear in a National Geographic documentary about the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville.
"I want a homeland for white people and I think every race should have a homeland for their own race," Reardon said in the documentary.
Police in Connecticut say that 22-year-old Wagshol allegedly expressed interest in committing a mass shooting on Facebook.
Authorities say that they found weapons at Wagshol’s home. He's been charged with illegal possession of large capacity magazines.
"He thought he was doing everything correct. He wasn't trying to hide from the police," says Wagshol’s defense attorney Darnell Crosland.
President Donald Trump spoke about gun background checks while in New Jersey this weekend.
"So Congress is working on that,” Trump said. “They have bipartisan committees working on background checks and various other things and we'll see. I don't want people to forget this is a mental health problem. I don't want them to forget that, because it is."
These arrests come several weeks after two mass shootings that took place within 24 hours in the United States claimed the lives of over 30 people.

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